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Our Mission:
  • To locate and list the best lottery contest and sweepstakes web sites with useful content for lottery players.

  • To find the free lottery games and list the key elements you need to bring your lottery software to bear.

  • To determine the best possible strategies for playing the lottery at the lowest possible
    cost for the highest possible gain.

What's it all about: Have you ever tried a free search engine to locate words like: lottery, lotto, lotteries and found thousands of listings? Even advanced searches for: lottery wheeling systems, lottery results, winning numbers, free lotto games, lottery software, return hundreds of listings each. One of the reasons this occurs, many of these web sites are listed dozens of times and often their individual pages are listed as web sites as well.

What's Lotto-Logix doing about it: We're trying to limit our list to one or two links per site. We're trying to group sites under what they do best, ie: results, software, information. We try to give you an idea what you will find there, ie: articles, news, tips, statistics, books, freeware, shareware, software, programs, predictions, wheels, wheeling systems, etc.

What's in it for us: Our goal is to win the lottery and we hope to reach that goal by helping you to do the same. No one has all the answers to this problem, we hope to bring the pieces of the puzzle together under one roof where everyone can help fit them together. The lottery is like an onion, when you think you know it all, you find another layer and wonder if that is the core truth.

What about that lotto software: Some people don't believe in lottery software at all. We believe the commercial quality product does 90% of what it is supposed to, ie: Store, chart and track winning numbers. Predictions, that's another story, but still useful to determine where in their predicted (or what ever other term they choose to use) distribution of numbers, the winning numbers come from most often. Lottery software that lets you import your own wheels and wheel up to all the numbers in your Cash 3, Pick 5 or Pick 6 game can be very useful, those that also allow you to filter those combinations, extremely useful.

What about those free lotto games: We're trying to locate and list all the free online lottery games with decent prizes, fair odds, that use real state drawings for their winning numbers. Some people ask us why we don't list all the games, especially those that advertise a lot. Well we're thinking of adding a link-farm page just for those games that want to pay a few cents for clicks or sign-ups to help cover the cost of this page, but we're not really excited about it. All too often such games have outrageous odds and demand some form of intangible consideration from their players beyond a visit to a sponsors page.

Can we improve your odds: The only way to improve your odds of winning a grand prize jackpot worth millions of dollars, is to play more tickets. However, it is possible to improve your odds of winning lower tier prizes while waiting to win the jackpot. It is also possible to devise strategies that watch for certain events to come around, and of course we have our special Lotto-Logix wheels.

Wheeling: Wheels, wheeling, covering designs, wheeling repositories, wheeling software, we link to some of the best free wheeling programs ever made from our Make Your Own Wheels page.

Lotto-Logix Wheeling: Wheels within wheels, best describes our wheeling systems. Lotto experts suggest playing a small tight wheel to win a good prize and a large loose wheel for insurance. Lotto-Logix builds one inside the other using combinations in common for a combinatronic double dip.

Need 649 numbers to wheel: Try our new java random lottery number generator for all games, pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6 and pick 7. You don't have to rely on lucky numbers or Quick Picks any longer.

Paying too much to play lotto: The Lotto-Logix method combines the use of merged closed and open covers, filtering and supplementing official pay to play combinations with additional free lottery tickets in a free lotto game that uses the same state draw results. You can lower your playing costs to any budget and still have a fair chance to win millions. Stick with Lotto-Logix and learn how.

Disclaimer:Lotto-Logix provides the information on this website as a service to the public. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the games and our reliance on information provided by outside sources, Lotto-Logix does not warranty or guarantee the accuracy or availability of the content on this site or on other sites to which we link. In no event will Lotto-Logix be held liable to any party for any damages arising in any way out of the availability, use, reliance on or inability to use the Lotto-Logix website or any information provided by or through the Lotto-Logix website, or for any claim attributable to errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in, or destructive properties of any information provided by or through, the Lotto-Logix website.

Privacy: Lotto-Logix neither collects nor sells anything from your visit.

Affiliate Disclosure: This website participates in affiliate programs where appropriate to offset the cost of maintenance and to keep this site free for everyone to use. Owners of this website may receive compensation for products and services purchased through advertisements. All web links should be viewed as leading to advertisements of some kind including government lottery sites. All claims of actual user results should be considered atypical.

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